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Counselling and Coaching

Counselling supports you…

Counselling can be helpful

if you are feeling unhappy,

unfulfilled or anxious.

Often you may have tried to cope

on your own though you find it difficult.

Counselling is having a professional relationship,

not a friend and someone to listen to you,

no matter what happens.

Through counselling you can be supported

to find a new direction, possible strategies

or develop the skills to deal with demanding situations.

In counselling you will be heard

and have someone really listen to you

without judgement.

Counselling has a specific purpose:

to provide an opportunity for you

to work towards living

a more productive and satisfying life.



Coaching is much more positive focused

and future-goal directed.

With my coaching and mentoring services,

we look at where you have been

and where you would like to go.

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About Butterfly Courage

Hi! I’m Renee.

I’m a counsellor, psychotherapist and coach.

I am passionate about helping people have a better life.

I have over 15 years experience working in therapy and the community and have worked for over 10 years in my private practice, Butterfly Courage.

I offer sessions in counselling,

coaching and mentoring for individuals,

couples and families, as well as

spiritual development and supervision.



Please do not hesitate to call me

on 0411 312 750

International: +61 411 312 750

or email on

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Butterfly Courage Services

Offering counselling, coaching and mentoring for:

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Relationships
  • Life transitions
  • Grief & loss
  • Business
  • Spiritual and Transpersonal
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal growth
  • Clinical Supervision


Client testimonials

Jane “Renee, you have a gift.”
Jacob “I kept coming back as I found you truly non-judgemental.”
Rochelle “This has been a great help.”

(For confidentiality reasons, these are not their real names.)


$100 for individual therapy
$120 for Couples counselling (Relationship or marriage therapy)
$130 for Clinical Supervision
$150 for family sessions
$250 for coaching sessions
Coaching packages can be purchased on request.

Online therapy and coaching is also available.

Zoom online web conferencing (similar to Skype) is available for all services.

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Other prices available on request.

All counselling sessions are one hour in length.

For online payments, please click on the ‘book now’ button above and pay via the link.

Contact Renee

PO Box 3085
Austinmer NSW 2515
Ph: 0411 312 750

I am a professional and clinical member of PACFA and ACSA.
This assures you of my professional services.

If you haven’t contacted me before…
Click here to book a FREE no obligation 15 minute session with me (only available by phone or online web-conferencing).

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Facebook: butterflycourage
Twitter: @butterflycourag
Pinterest: RMcDonaldR
Instagram: butterfly_courage
Youtube Channel: Renee McDonald

Online therapy web conferencing sessions available.
Online therapy held by Zoom. Counselling practice located in Thirroul.


Renee McDonald provides professional development training, workshops,
retreats and events for the community, for fellow counsellors, therapists and coaches.

The next event professional development event, Renee has designed is titled:
Effectively “See” Your Clients Online: Learn to provide online therapy.

Renee is delivering this particular training through an event company, K Events – and it is being provided at different dates and times, during the day and evenings across February, March, April and May of 2018.

This is a professional development event for counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers.

For bookings and information, please see the K Events website for more.