The following article was written for and published in Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine by Sibella Publications in the July, 2018 issue

What is becoming very clear to me is that we all have our own song, or our own flavour that we offer the world. The indigenous traditions throughout the world often sing a unique song to the newborn child and throughout their life. When that same person was dying, or when they have passed over, the tribe sings the song again in order to remind everyone of the unique offering of that person. This singing of the unique tune would assist the mourning of those left behind.

As an observer of human behaviour, I’m observing many people copying one another, only to lose their spiritual path. There is no need to copy anyone else. You have a unique offering and song and you are special in your own right. I encourage you to consider journaling, or pondering what you offer the world that is your special talent. We will have a better world when we all feel appreciated for our different offerings.

The more grounded I feel in my life, the more I know I’m here for a purpose and to shine my own light in my own unique way. Being a Capricorn, who is an earthly mountain goat, I’m aware of what forging new paths feels like. So, it can be difficult to shake off how you’ve been moulded by family or friends to present a new you to the world. It can be hard to break the mould. I have done this many times.

What I have been doing, instead of watching what everyone else is doing– is to work through which way is headed north for me. Sometimes this means being so radically different, I’ve been alone. When I’ve felt alone, and lost, I reach out for help too. I have been incredibly lucky, and I’m eternally grateful for the many women and men who’ve supported me and believed in my process, and supported me as friends, clients, colleagues or practitioners along the way.

A therapist I worked with referred to me as someone who remembers the past, yet looks to the future. I think that has been one of my unique offerings. I can work with you with intuition and therapeutic skills to find yourself in business, along with either offer counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, or various mentoring sessions. Throughout the past 16 years I’ve worked in the field, I’ve been discovering more about my own talents, along with other people’s too.

I’d encourage you – if you are in the business of working with women – to offer your work from a place of service and people first. We will all get our needs met then. This is one of the greatest things that I have learned – how to be in service to others, whilst still attending to my own needs. I love to see the unfolding of the inner essence of you – which is whomever you wish to be – free from judgement and allowing open, fresh eyes and a new perspective.