The following article was written for and published in Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine by Sibella Publications in the August, 2018 issue

Listen in to the sound of your own heart song. Find solace in it. More often than not, in the Western World, there’s a focus on ‘the other’. Someone who is outside of you and someone with whom you compare yourself to. This is an illusion and is created by our dualistic world. There is no ‘Us and Them’. We are all interconnected.

Who are ‘other’ people anyway? Often outside influences are those that distract us from our divine purpose. When I go within, I find my own answers. I’d encourage you to do the same. Last month, I wrote here of our own song – how we are all unique. Now, I’d like you to consider the sound and frequency of your own heart.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Ganga Karen Ashworth, who assists people to find their own voice and the sound of their heart. Ganga worked with me and many others through her courses. This training assisted me in becoming a Your Healing Voice Practitioner – to use voice, sound and song to get in touch with your inner voice and heart sound. Many years ago, I was a singer in choir and learned to sing through singing lessons – so this was not new to me. Though working on opening my voice as a healing tool has been a game changer to find my own inner strength and song.

At a similar time as I trained with Ganga, a close colleague departed this Earth. She connected me more to love, care and compassion and really believed in me. I started a legacy in memory of her and named it ‘Heart & Soul Movement’. With healing training, additional grounded body somatic therapy skills, and extensive therapeutic work, Heart & Soul Movement arrived in 2014, where retreats and classes are offered to connect to all that is, including dance, movement, song and sound. It has been a joy of mine to see my ideas, and spiritual bond to others beyond this Earth, brought into fruition. Heart & Soul Movement is my offering back to the world ‘heart to heart’.

I strongly heard the call to provide spiritual support, workshops, retreats and classes after my colleague’s passing. I’m wondering how you’ve heard the call for this sacred work? Lately, I incorporate the spiritual into all that I do. Whether it’s posting on social media, being a mother, or being connected to friends and family. To be spiritual is to connect to all that is. It is both within and without – just as we are part of all that is.

When we hear the call of our heart song, accept and connect to all that is, then we can be more accepting of others. We can allow things to come and go in our lives. I have been a spiritual being having a human experience, rather than a human having a spiritual experience. It is these beautiful experiences I’ve had that assist me to connect to wherever you are at.