It’s important to not sit on our laurels in this current climate of world uncertainty. It’s important to work with what is.

What do we know of our current political and economic climate? There’s a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty affects us all in different ways.

In counselling, we can work with uncertainty, within the Existential and philosophical theoretical position. Some existentialists believe we are all anxious and depressed in our modern times and it’s in this acceptance that we are indeed freed and have freedom.

Similar to the Buddhist concept of surrendering to the idea that life is suffering and once we learn how to accept this – then life becomes a lot easier.

Having bushfires in August in Australia is very concerning.

My concern is that it’s not politically safe for politicians to say what they need to say in the state of our environment, modern life and the current state of the world.

We need to have the difficult conversations both outside in the community and within private spaces, like therapy.

One of the reasons I have proceeded into the online therapy field is for environmental reasons. Clients do not have to travel to see me, they can be at home, no spending on petrol, or on travel – only time and money spent on the session itself. Radically, online therapy is an environmentally friendly option.

I look forward to the future in counselling and therapy if we can adopt modern practices to assist the environment around us.

I like to encourage having conversations about hard, painful topics – as it creates a more just, socially conscious world that is easier to live in.