The following article is from my submission to the International Women’s Spiritual Magazine, Luminous Wisdom for the September, 2018 Issue (

As a young girl, I felt spiritually connected, though as I grow older on this Earth, it is becoming very clear that I am here for a big purpose. Life has kept throwing me lemons and I keep needing to make lemonade!

Though, firstly, I had to do it for myself – and I spiritually learned it through many hard times.

Prior to being a counsellor and coach, in media, I had roles in the entertainment business. I worked in film research, music marketing and the television commercial arenas. This assisted me to realise how such businesses work and to not be afraid of the camera. As we use cameras, video and image more in our modern lives – I can’t help but feel that spirit had bigger plans for me and there has been a huge amount of destiny in my journey.

Though it was tragedy that struck me whilst working in the entertainment business, where my partner at the time became involved in and addicted to drugs. In the end, I left that relationship, though it left me heart broken. It took quite some time to repair my broken heart, where I was betrayed and lied to and I had to reassess my life. At this point I found myself going to a counsellor and then realising that I could be a counsellor too – and this led me on a new path to becoming a counsellor over 18 years ago.

I’m wondering how you’ve coped with hard times in your life? What are the moments that have pushed you off path – only for you to realise many years on – that it was all part of the grander spiritual plan for you?

I’ve had many ‘sliding doors’ moments where I’ve had to make huge decisions with not much time and have had to trust that I would be looked after spiritually. All of the terrible experiences that have happened have forced me to look at myself and my life to decide what I want for myself.

I can help you work through similar processes.

As part of the uncovering process, it’s important that you feel supported and can trust a practitioner if you choose to be brave and bold and ask for guidance.

I have found it profoundly serendipitous that I have been spiritually prepared for these complex times. Having knowledge of film, in particular, assists me in not being nervous in front of a camera – as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram push us to provide more scope with photos or videos.

At times it has been very lonely forging new paths in the ways that I work – in these new and complex times, though I’ve found on a regular basis I assist people with confidence and feeling competent in how they wish to work with their clients.

Whilst I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over 16 years, I am being pulled into the coaching arena more and more, with requests from therapist colleagues and spiritual practitioners for me to advise them on how to help them in their business.

As I have supported myself, over time it has helped my business. I specialise in ‘helping the helpers’, ‘supporting the supporters’ and generally being here to assist you – as professionals – to help others.

The world is changing at a rapid pace at the moment. If you’ve thought about making changes – I’m here to tell you it’s possible. We really can do it – we just have to trust in ourselves and our abilities and have some spiritual faith! Shine your light with me – the time is now!